What is the Worst Halloween Candy For Your Teeth?


Halloween is this week, and it is a clear favorite for kids and families! Everyone has their favorite candy, but remember to take extra care brushing and flossing to get that extra sugar and sticky residue off of your teeth to avoid unnecessary cavities. Saddle Rock Pediatric Dentistry will BUY BACK your Trick or Treat Candy for $1 a pound; then we will donate the candy to our first responders! You do not have to be a patient to qualify!

We wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween this season, and hope you find the following article helpful when determining what candies may be worth avoiding. Thank you for visiting Saddle Rock Pediatric Dentistry of Aurora, CO.

9 Worst Halloween Candies For Your Teeth According to a Dentist

Dentists are cringing as Halloween rolls around once again. As is customary, children around the globe will go door-to-door and accumulate pounds upon pounds of treats pure sugar, which most kids will attempt to consume in one mere sitting.

Of course, parents should try to limit candy consumption for not only their sanity’s sake, but for their dentist’s sake as well. Letting children indulge is part of the fun, but parents should remind their kids to brush and floss, especially after the holiday.

“It’s important to let your hair down and let kids be kids,” said Dr. Ramin Tabib to AOL Lifestyle. “We [need to] make sure that they brush their teeth for a longer period than normal to remove any remaining sticky candies left behind.”

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