Top Ten Dental Books For Kids

The following article from provides a great list of dental books for kids. Sometimes it can be hard to get kids brushing, or to get them excited about seeing the dentist, and these books can help. Thanks for visiting us at Saddle Rock Pediatric Dentistry of Aurora, CO. Enjoy reading! 

So you want your kids to brush their teeth? Convincing them to do so can be tough, but with some help from their favorite movies and these great books, you may be able to do just that. And what great Christmas gifts these would make!

Here are our picks for the top 10 dental books for kids:

1. Brush Your Teeth, Please: A Pop-Up Book

By Leslie McGuire

Published: December 3, 2013 (Hardcover)

Summary: Kids will learn about proper dental hygiene as they go through this book and see the many different animals practicing it – from brushing their teeth to flossing.

2. The Tooth Book

By Dr. Seuss

Published: June 24, 2003 (Board Book)

Summary: In The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss, kids will learn about all of the things teeth can do, how important it is to take care of them and what they need to do to ensure their teeth last a lifetime.

3. Brush, Brush, Brush

By Alicia Padron (Illustrator for the Book)

Published: March 1, 2010 (Board Book)

Summary: A rhythmic, rhyming book with great illustrations that your kids will love as they learn about brushing their teeth.

4. Pony Brushes His Teeth

By Michael Dahl

Published: February 1, 2013 (Board Book)

Summary: Shows kids in a simple and fun format the correlation between what they eat and needing to brush their teeth. It also encourages example-setting by parents. Pony follows his dad’s example in what he does, just like your kids will want to follow your example.

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