Dr. Karen D. Foster, the pediatric dental specialist, opened Saddle Rock Pediatric Dentistry nearly ten years ago in July 2008. Since then, she has built a thriving private practice known for offering laser dentistry and providing outstanding customer service.

The office decor features an “underwater/tropical” theme appealing to a variety of ages. Keeping the child as patient firmly in mind, the practice emphasizes customer service to both patient and parent. When entering the front door, the ambiance is meant to welcome, not scare; comfort, not confront. The special “knee to knee” exam room for patients under age 3 is a favorite feature of the practice.

Practice growth in just three short years indicated a need for expansion. The “family” hygiene room was added in the Summer of 2011. Continued growth led to the need to expand once again. Construction in 2013 almost doubled the space, yet allowed the practice to stay in the current location. Additions included a larger family hygiene room, more significant sterilization area, storage closets, and much-needed office space.

Throughout the establishment and growth of the practice, Dr. Foster has consistently invested in staff education to ensure patients receive care from highly trained, highly regarded personnel. This emphasis on quality care demonstrates a commitment to our Mission: Superior dental health care for your child.