Is Your Child Too Sick For School?


It can be particularly difficult, especially for working parents, to determine when it is absolutely necessary to keep your child home from school when they are sick. Read through to learn all of the signs that determine whether or not your child should stay home. Thanks for visiting Saddle Rock Pediatric Dentistry of Aurora, CO. 

A sniffle. A cough. A sore throat. Children come down with illnesses big and small. Some are contagious, some are not. How do you know when to keep your child home from school?

3 Questions to Ask About Your Sick Child

To know whether your child should stay home while he’s sick, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests you answer these three quick questions:

  1. Does your child have a fever? Fevers of 101 F or more are generally a sign of illness, so children should stay home from school.
  2. Is your child well enough to participate in class? If ill kids seem too run down to get much out of school, keep them home.
  3. Do you think your child has an illness like the flu or pinkeye? If so, keep them at home until they’re no longer contagious.

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