Child Tooth Decay Prevention: Diet Tips for Healthy Teeth


Child tooth decay is an issue many parents worry about, and rightfully so! Let’s be realistic it’s too easy just to say that kids should eat healthier to have healthy bodies and teeth, but other than obviously substituting unhealthy foods with healthy foods, what are some ways we can support our children to eat those foods without it being a huge struggle or tug-of-war? We came across a this relevant this post that offers several pertinent tips on how to introduce children to new foods all while keeping them happily involved. Thank you for visiting us at Saddle Rock Pediatric Dentistry of Aurora, CO.

Diet Tips for Healthy Teeth in Children

It’s tough to disassociate good times with sugary sweets. Even the most disciplined eaters are lured in by an ice cream studded with chocolate chips or sprinkles. Childhood is meant to live it up! But to try and prevent child tooth decay, adults have the tough task of playing spoilsport and bring in moderation. But sugar doesn’t need to take all the blame! Regular food too, when left to sit on tooth surfaces can start the decay process.

A lot of children, due to various reasons, take a very long time to eat pouching their food and distractedly forgetting to chew and swallow. This prolonged contact results in formation of certain products, which initiate tooth decay, and eventually the dreaded cavities.

Preventive dentistry is hence an important aspect of child dentistry. Only 17% of the children are taken in for a routine dental check up to a child teeth specialist. Early visits to a specialist prepares you for “what to expect” when it comes to teeth of your newborn. Unknown to many, delayed milk teeth eruption could be due wrong food habits. An unfriendly tooth diet can hamper very many things.

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