10 Bedtime Brushing Tips for Children


Making brushing a fun and integral part of your child’s bedtime routine will lead to a lifetime of good habits. An important tip: brush with your child! If they see you doing it, they will want to follow suit. Thanks for visiting us at Saddle Rock Pediatric Dentistry. Enjoy reading!

Educating children on the importance of brushing their teeth is important from a very young age.  You should start brushing the teeth of a baby as soon as the first tooth appears.

Bedtime brushing for children is very important as teeth need to be cleaned completely to avoid plaque development while the child is sleeping. Remember that educating your child regarding oral health is essential.

Begin to brush your child’s teeth by using a finger toothbrush or a baby toothbrush.

Brushing is mainly a fun experience. Take a positive approach when brushing your child’s teeth to encourage them to see it as a fun experience.

Here are some bedtime brushing guidelines:

1.      Make sure that you brush with your child

When its time for the child to go to bed, remind him/her to brush his teeth. If possible, stand side by side with them in front of a mirror and brush your teeth at the same time. This helps children mimic the techniques you use when brushing teeth.

2.      Buy cute tooth brushes

There are numerous varieties of tooth brushes to buy for your child. Make sure that you select small toothbrush, appropriate for a child. This allows the child to hold it comfortably and lets him maneuver it in his mouth. Make sure that you buy one with a round head and polished as well as soft bristles. Replace the brush every few months. Children have a tendency to chew the brush while brushing, which makes it necessary to replace the brush more frequently.

3.      Buy tasty toothpaste

Buy tooth paste that has a good flavor, and buy safe and non abrasive tooth paste. A good tasting toothpaste helps make tooth and gum care simple as well as enjoyable.

4.      Start brushing with the back teeth

People have a tendency to focus on the front of the teeth when brushing. However, the majority of plaque, cavities and other problems tend to affect the back side of the teeth. Teach your child to begin brushing with the back side of the teeth and then come to the front side.

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